The objectives of The California Teamsters Public Affairs Council (hereinafter “the Council”) shall be to create and advance unified policies for all Teamster Local Unions and Joint Councils in the State of California in the fields of public affairs, political action, and legislative programs. Toward these ends, the Council’s activities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

• To preserve and strengthen laws which protect the rights of working people to organize, bargain collectively, conduct legal economic action and promote proper labor-management cooperation.
• To repeal legislation which unfairly restricts labor organizations in the proper representation of their membership and to oppose all legislation designed further to restrict the rights of organized labor.
• To support the election of public officials who are sympathetic to the rights of working people and to oppose the election of those who are not.
• To carry out programs of education, both within the Teamster membership and the public at large, for the purpose of supporting social, legislative or economic programs designed to improve the quality of life for the citizens of California.
• To cooperate with labor, civic, fraternal, church, or other groups in activities which are beneficial to the welfare of the general public or for the purpose of preserving the principles of American Democracy.
• To maintain liaison with the various trade divisions and committees within the California Teamsters to assure that the Council’s full efforts may be brought to bear on problems affecting its members.
• To engage in research with respect to issues bearing on objectives set forth in this article.
• To develop a public information program to acquaint the people of California with Teamster views on state-wide issues.
• To encourage and assist all working men and women and their families to register and vote.